Z.I. Sherwani

Founder & CEO, Cordova Group Of Companies

Z. I. Sherwani (Ziaul Islam Khan Sherwani) is the Founder and CEO of Cordova Group of Companies, one of the first in India to introduce digital learning mapped to school curriculum. He successfully completed his Master’s in Business Administration from one of the most renowned universities in India.
With his innate insightful expertise of interpreting facts and data that he also acquired while preparing for civil services with partial success, he predicted as early as 2004 the effective use of technology for enjoyable and engaging learning. As a successful entrepreneur and visionary leader with remarkable marketing strategies, he positioned Cordova Publications at a principal position in a span of just 11 years leaving behind established international stalwarts in the publishing industry. He launched the educational portal, www.cordovajoyfullearning.com under the aegis of Cordova Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd in 2012.

Firmly convinced of the fact that when learning is imparted in the mother tongue of the learner, it leads to optimum level of understanding of core concepts and their application, he launched Creative Kids Digital Home Tutor, one of India’s best graded learning apps, in November 2019. More than 20 million students across India and the Middle East avail of the high-quality services of Cordova Group of Companies.
He leads and manages a team of 1100+ educationists, professionals and technology experts with the goal of becoming the largest educational services provider which fulfills all educational needs of schools like online and offline digital solutions, textbooks, uniform, stationery, printing solutions among various others.
With a high sense of social responsibility, he is very compassionate and strives to alleviate suffering by involving in regular philanthropic activities among economically weak and socially disadvantaged people.